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K series 157 type helical-helical bevel gear reducer

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    • Reducer type
      Helical-helical bevel gear reducer
    • structure type
      Ordinary shaft extension type; shaft extension flange type (F); ordinary shaft extension type, shaft input (S); shaft extension flange type, shaft input (FS); shaft installation type (A); shaft installation flange type ( AF); shaft-mounted small flange type (AZ); shaft-mounted foot type (AB); shaft-mounted with anti-rotation arm (AT); ordinary shaft-mounted type, shaft input (AS); shaft-mounted flange type, shaft Input (AFS); (The above structure forms, you can choose one according to actual needs)
    • Motor code
      Ordinary (updated)——Y(Y2); Explosion-proof——B; DC——Z; Braking——YEJ; Multi-speed——D; Frequency conversion——YVP; Electromagnetic speed regulation——YCP; Metallurgical lifting—— R; Frequency conversion brake——YVPJ; Roller table——G; (Above motor types can be selected according to actual needs)
    • Input power (kW)
      11 ~ 160
    • Transmission ratio
      12.65 ~ 150.41
    • Allowable torque (Nm)
    • Installation method
    • Motor junction box location
      0°; 90°; 180°; 270°; (the above can be selected according to actual needs)
    • Outer flange diameter (mm)
    • Weight (kg) about
    • Remarks
      For other related detailed parameters, please refer to our company's selection manual

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