Brand Culture


       For each of our potential partners, if necessary, we would be honored to provide you with free technical support.At the same time, we are here to make a solemn promise to the contracted partners: for every product we provide, we will provide free technical support services throughout the life cycle of the product.


  • Manufacturing

         We have strict requirements for product quality control, which is the core of our partners' trust.To this end, we collect feedback from our partners and conduct a series of training, learning, implementation, general section, and optimization from time to time to establish a complete set of quality control measures to ensure that the final product delivered to the end customer does not appear any The problem, let the end customers use it at ease, and use it comfortably is the consistent pursuit of each of our XINLAN people.

     XINLAN Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Mocheng Industrial Zone, Pingyang, Zhejiang, with registered trademark: XINLAN.An emerging technology-based enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of reducers. It is committed to providing a series of transmission solutions and equipment supply enterprises for supporting customers with professional equipment-related needs.Since the establishment of the company, we have always been working hard to build the company into an excellent enterprise from "Made in China" to "Intelligent Made in China".
     Main business: F series parallel shaft helical gear motor, K series helical bevel gear reducer, R series helical gear hardened gear motor, S series helical-worm gear motor, T series gear steering gear, HD spiral Bevel gear commutator, HB series standard industrial gearbox, RV series worm gear motor, P series planetary gear motor, etc.

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